Imagine a tool that could assess the condition of each individual athlete and prevent painful, impactful injuries? EVENOR, our flagship product does exactly that. And quite more!

Every year professional athletes suffer injuries resulting from the heavy seasons and the large number of events they participate in. These injuries not only affect the health and the well-being of the athletes and the team structure, but also have significant financial impact to the teams’ budget. 

EVENOR paves a new way towards injury prediction and prevention with its novel approach to address injuries before they occur. EVENOR’s fully personalized assessment allows for the evaluation of the muscle system of each individual athlete accurately, efficiently and, most importantly, with real mechanical and medical data. Instead of another statistical, implicit, ambiguous method, EVENOR computes real-time forces exerted on each athlete, applies them to the personal muscle system model of the athlete and provides explicit, medical data of the risk factors, the topology and the severity of a potential muscle failure, allowing for actions that will prevent injuries. 

EVENOR is revolutionizing the field of injury prediction and prevention and sports themselves. Our promise is to keep players “in game, not in pain”, a promise that is realized through EVENOR’s high-fidelity, personalized muscle system assessment.

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